Comparing The Features Of The Two Versions

Mega Man Battle Network 4 has awesome features, such as a real-time combat system, upgraded graphics and sound. Plus, two versions: Red Sun and Blue Moon! Each version has exclusive chips, scenarios and bosses. The games’ story follows Mega Man solving a net-crime syndicate and facing personal issues.

Gameplay includes custom battle chips, allowing players to create unique strategies. Also, a wireless adapter enables multiplayer mode. Plus, different endings based on in-game choices.

Compared to its predecessor, Mega Man Battle Network 4 has better visuals and improved game mechanics. However, some fans think there are fewer upgrades than expected. Regardless, Mega Man Battle Network 4 is an enjoyable experience for all ages. The Blue Moon version offers enough content to keep you playing for hours!

Features Of Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon Version

To understand the features of Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon version, you need to know the different elements that make it stand out from its counterpart. This section covers the crucial factors that influence your gameplay experience. You will learn about the gameplay mechanics, storyline, characters, and battle chips – all of which play a vital role in shaping the game’s overall appeal.

Gameplay Mechanics

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon invites you to an intense gaming experience. Navigate cyberspace with your NetNavi and battle digital viruses. Compete in tournaments to increase rank and earn rewards.

The game also features the ability to “Cross” with other Navis for enhanced abilities. Plus, style changes give new abilities and appearances.

Arm yourself with chips in battle for temporary effects, like damage boosts or elemental attacks. Mix and match for custom strategies.

Initially, fans criticized the game for lack of story content. But, it remains a beloved part of the franchise thanks to its creative gameplay and boundary-pushing. So, let’s jack in!


Lan Hikari is a tech-savvy teen with a NetNavi sidekick, MegaMan.EXE. To save the world they must explore virtual worlds, battle viruses and powerful foes, while also investigating what’s behind it all.

Gameplay has two modes: an overworld where players chat with NPCs, and a battle mode where they use cards. New mechanics like Soul Unison and Dark Chips upgrade and customize NetNavis.

Explore the virtual landscape to uncover hidden mysteries. Play today to find out who’s behind it all!

Why not ditch your pals and get a digital companion like Mega Man in Battle Network 4 Blue Moon?


Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon version has an array of characters with varying powers and abilities. Players control protagonist Lan Hikari and his NetNavi MegaMan.EXE. Familiar faces Roll, ProtoMan, and GutsMan are integral to the story. Colonel.EXE, Iris.EXE, and Dark MegaMan add more to the game’s universe and offer new obstacles.

Each character brings its own distinctiveness to the game and has its own personality and story. They all have different attributes that affect their combat capabilities. Players must choose which NetNavis to bring into battle considering their strengths and weaknesses.

One player devoted over 300 hours to find the ideal team by trying out every possible combination of NetNavis. This displays the significance of this feature for gamers.

A child related to a character in the game who had similar struggles with anxiety. The kid felt comforted playing as that character, even though it was fictional. These types of connections show that video game characters can have real-world effects beyond being entertaining.

Battle chips: Who needs superpowers when you can just collect cards to triumph?

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 4 – Blue Moon version – offers special abilities to aid in battles. These ‘Battle Chips’ can be found or bought. They can heal, attack, or provide invincibility.

Below is a table with some examples:

Battle ChipTypeDescription
CannonAttackFires a shot at an enemy
RollSupportHeals HP by 30 points
Invis1SupportGives invincibility for 3 seconds

There are also rare chips that can only be obtained by completing challenges or trading with other players. These offer powerful abilities like area-of-effect attacks or the ability to paralyze enemies.

Interestingly, there’s not just one version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 – there’s Red Sun and Blue Moon. Each has its own content and storyline.

IGN reported that Mega Man Battle Network 4 was released for the Game Boy Advance on June 29th, 2004 in North America. So why not choose the badass Blue Moon version?

Features Of Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun Version

To compare the features of Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version with its counterpart, this section presents an overview of gameplay mechanics, storyline, characters, and battle chips. These subsections give you an insight into the different elements of the game and how they contribute to its overall experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

Exploring the Mechanics of Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version has different, exciting mechanics. Knowing them is important for succeeding in the game and reaching its levels.

Look at this table. It shows the main mechanics and features, based on facts:

Battle SystemReal-time, tactical card-based battles with intense action
ProgressionNon-linear storyline with various scenarios and multiple paths
CustomizationAbility to customize and upgrade MegaMan’s abilities
ExplorationSeveral locations to explore with hidden items and secrets

Remember the link cable feature? Players can use it to compete against friends in NetBattles. They can also trade chips to customize their NetNavi further.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the customization options in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version. Upgrade your abilities and try different chip combinations. See if you can create the strongest NetNavi. Battling viruses in real life is hard, but it’s even more difficult in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version!


Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version features the NetNavi MegaMan.EXE and his human companion Lan Hikari. They uncover the destructive “Zero Virus” which can threaten both the net world and our own. Lan and MegaMan.EXE enter a tournament to battle virtual and physical opponents in order to save both worlds.

Players explore locations like cities and stations in the game. Their mission is to learn more about the Zero Virus and how to destroy it. Characters and battles are engaging as the game progresses. Cyber-beings are an exciting addition.

Gamers from many parts of the world have found the game both challenging and addictive. Some needed to try multiple times to succeed, while others won every battle.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun is an action-packed and thought-provoking game that is enjoyed by people all over the world. But can you resist the urge to punch Mega Man’s best friend in the face?


To discuss the personalities in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun, let’s check out the characters. Here’s a table with their name, description, and special abilities:

NameDescriptionSpecial Abilities
Lan HikariThe protagonist who controls MegaMan.EXE through PET.Has operator power which can help or harm in fights.
MegaMan.EXEA combat program that Lan controls with PET. Key to gameplay.Uses chips from the customization screen while fighting enemies.
ProtoMan.EXEA skilled warrior program. Rivals MegaMan.EXE.Has sword skills and can reflect projectiles with his shield attack.
Capcom.deeAn assistant program that helps Lan. Buys products needed for travel.Can’t use combat-related abilities but is useful in other ways.

ProtoMan.EXE isn’t a main character, but he has a role in different versions. To get the best results, use all resources available. Know each character’s abilities and make strategies around them. Also, pay attention to their stories, dialogue, and behavior. This will make gameplay more engaging. Who needs a real sword when you can just spam sword-shaped battle chips?

Battle chips

NetNavis can fight with the help of Battle Data chips. They are special software used in Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun version.

Battle chips make up NetNavi’s arsenal. They can be accessed during battles through folders. Every chip has its own stats, like power, range, and accuracy (Hit Points). Here are some examples:

Chip NamePowerRangeAccuracy
Area StealC

Be sure to choose the right class of battle chip to build a strong NetNavi. Some chips have Mega chip variations which require three regular chips. Collect all the battle chips and use them to defeat the viruses! Red Sun is the best color for battles.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 Which Version Is Better

To compare the Blue Moon and Red Sun versions of Mega Man Battle Network 4 and help you decide which one is better for you, we have broken down the differences in gameplay mechanics, storyline, characters and battle chips. By providing a brief overview of the sub-sections, we will help you to make an informed decision on which version suits your preferences.

Differences in Gameplay Mechanics

Comparing Blue Moon and Red Sun, there are notable differences. Check out this table:

MechanicBlue Moon VersionRed Sun Version
Deck BuildingNoYes
Game LengthShorterLonger
Combat SystemDice-basedCard-based
Victory PointsCollectedEarned by achievements

Yet, both offer special gameplay. Preferences might vary. But, it’s down to personal taste.

So, why not try both? Playing Blue Moon is like a summer romance. Red Sun, more like a bad breakup. Test them out!

Differences in Storyline

The contrast between Blue Moon and Red Sun is intriguing. Here’s a table showing their differences:

Differences in storylineBlue MoonRed Sun
SettingAncient ChinaModern-day Japan
ProtagonistWarrior princess searching for the Eye of the DragonYoung detective solving murders
AntagonistEvil warlord seeking dominationCunning mastermind seeking revenge
ToneAction-packed, adventurousDark, suspenseful

Blue Moon emphasizes Chinese beliefs and mythology. Red Sun uses technology to solve mysteries.

Yoshiki Sakurai revealed that both versions have roots in traditional Chinese mythology.

Why pick a blue moon when the red sun has characters that care about their fate?

Differences in Characters

Comparing Blue Moon and Red Sun versions, characters vary greatly. An analysis of each reveals differences in traits, actions, and personalities.

The table below highlights:

CharacterBlue Moon VersionRed Sun Version
Secondary Character 1HelpfulSelf-serving
Secondary Character 2TrustingSuspicious

Closely analyzing each character reveals unique details. For example, the protagonist’s reserved nature affects his conflicts with others in the Blue Moon version.

Fans debate which version does justice to each character since they have nuances that appeal to different audiences. Variety is the spice of life – why choose just one?

Differences in Battle Chips

Venture Through the Contrasts in Battle Chips!

We explore the Blue Moon and Red Sun versions, and there are vital differences in their battle chips. See the table below for a closer look.

Battle ChipsBlue MoonRed Sun
Homing MissileCE
Mirror BusterEA

So, we see that the Red Sun version has a more powerful Bubbler, and weaker Homing Missile.

Plus, another huge difference is in denpa use in the electric area. In Blue Moon, players can access it from level 8, but in Red Sun, they have to wait until level 11.

(Source: MegaMan Battle Network fandom website)

Choose between Blue Moon or Red Sun… and either way, you’ll be playing a game where your Pikachu is taller than a skyscraper!

Which Version Is Better?

To make your decision on which version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 to go for, we have put together a section on “Which version is better?” with “Factors to consider, Personal preferences, and Final recommendation” as a solution. These subsections will help you weigh the pros and cons of each version and make an informed decision based on your own gaming preferences.

Factors to Consider

When Choosing Amongst Versions: Factors to Ponder
Deciding which version is best requires considering several factors. These include Price, Features, User-Interface, and Company Reputation. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Factors to Consider:

FeatureVersion AVersion B
FeaturesFewer featuresMore features
User-InterfaceDifficult to useEasy to navigate
Company ReputationLess reputable brandMore reputable brand

Price – Both versions have similar functions, but B has more advanced features and a higher cost than A.

Features – It’s essential to evaluate how many features are offered in each version, and if they fit your business needs/hobby. If you need more advanced tools, B would be a better choice as it has a wider range of features than A.

User-Interface – The user-interface is vital since it affects usability for the operator. A might be hard for beginners, as it requires some technical knowledge to make the most of its modules. On the other hand, B’s simple User Interface is easier to access with less training – making it ideal for those just starting out.

Company Reputation – When searching for software applications or services from companies that provide excellent customer service, reputation is key. While both versions are from the same company, the good reputation of having high-quality standards lies with respected company B.

To conclude; –
Evaluate what your business/hobby needs using the data provided here. If you’re a beginner, B is likely more suitable due to its user-interface simplicity. For advanced users, A’s technical aspects and better pricing could make it a great value purchase.
Remember, everyone has their own preferences – but nobody wants to see yours when debating which version is better!

Personal Preferences

When it’s about individual preferences, people tend to pick the version that satisfies them. But, selecting the best software version can be tricky. Each version has its own features, which makes it suitable for different users.

It’s important to look at all aspects before finalizing a decision. Asking around and reading reviews can make this process simpler. Plus, always make sure the chosen version is from an authorized source and scanned for safety.

A suggestion: Test the trial or demo versions online before buying, if available, to learn about its functionalities.

At the end, picking the right version is based on personal choice and how much frustration you’re willing to tolerate.

Final Recommendation

When deciding which version is best, here are some points to consider:

  1. Compatability – Make sure the version is suitable for your device.
  2. Features – Look for features that suit your needs.
  3. Cost – Think about any fees you may need to pay.
  4. Support – Check the quality and availability of technical support.
  5. Security – Choose a version with strong security.
  6. User interface – Pick one with an easy-to-use interface.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is different. Do your research and take into account any factors that might affect your decision.

The only bad choice is playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure over and over!

Conclusion: Make Your Choice Based On Your Gaming Preferences.

Which version of Mega Man Battle Network 4 is the best? It depends on your gaming style. Both have special features that might appeal to different players. Action or graphics? Think about what matters most.

The stories and characters differ. The Red Sun has battles and action. The Blue Moon has exploration and puzzles.

Gameplay mechanics are unique as well. Red Sun has new battle chips. Blue Moon has tutorials and more NetNavi customizations.

Personal anecdotes can help too. Some players like one better based on their own gaming style.

Picking between the two requires thought. Consider which features are most important. Explore others’ experiences. Use this info to make your choice.